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Leaf Me Alone Cerulean Blue Womens Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt

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Sometimes to hang on and keep balance in our lives, we need need to have time alone, time to think, to relax, to get in touch with ourselves. Do what you need to in order to hold onto your balance; and if anyone gives you slack for taking the time you need, tell them to LEAF YOU ALONE. Taking the time and harnessing the energy you. need to feel your best is imperative, not indulgence.

Wear this great design to remind yourself of how important self-care if for yourself and the ones you love. Beautiful cerulean blue matched with a deliciously soft shade of raspberry pink, this shirt is a pretty one and will delight any outfit. Super comfy and flattering, It's sure to become a go-to-fave!

  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Crewneck
  • Double needle topstitch detailing
  • Printed, cut, and handmade
  • Fitted
  • Moderate stretch
  • Size up for relaxed fit