UNF**K YOURSELF 2XL-6XL Wicked Soft Leggings; dealin' with it!

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About the Art

Sometimes we get in our way. When it seems we have done all-the-things to feel better, yet something is missing, sometimes it's ourselves not allowing us to move forward. I found this one of the most challenging pieces to overcome when fighting to come out of depression. You are forced to look outside yourself, at yourself, and come to terms with what you need to do to feel your best. Sometimes those things aren't so easy, but you know what? When you do that, and you get out of your way, you're dealin' with it. You're making things happen. And you rock!

About the Leggings

Leggings might just be the most comfortable piece of clothing ever invented, and these leggings are the epitome of comfort, ease, and style. The soft fabric, wide elastic waistband, and flattering fit make these leggings perfect for evening runs, lounging on the couch, performing on stage, and everything in between! Blend of smooth polyester and spandex with a four0way stretch quick to recover. High waistband for extra comfort.

Size guide

2XL (inches) 37 ¾-39 ⅜ 48 -49 ⅝
3XL (inches) 41 -42 ½ 51 ⅛-52 ¾
4XL (inches) 44 ⅛-45 ⅝ 54 ⅜-55 ⅞
5XL (inches) 47 ¼-48 ⅞ 57 ½-59
6XL (inches) 50 ⅜-52 60 ⅝-62 ¼

Please note that contact with rough surfaces should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the leggings.