Our DOUBLESOLID ROCKSTARS are regular folks like you and I bravely sharing their mental health journey to empower others to do the same.
Why would anyone want to do this? Well, of course to help others! By sharing our stories we let folks know they are not alone. We aim to give them the hope they need to overcome their own mental health challenges and to do so knowing they are not alone.
DOUBLESOLID believes talking about mental health is a powerful way to bring the importance of mental health full-force-front-and-center where it belongs.
When we talk about mental health we give hope to those currently struggling. We show, in the most simplest form, no one is alone and we instigate compassion in others; and we can all use more understanding, right?
Though we may feel we are all different, in more ways than not we are the same (or at least similar). Therefore, by showcasing our struggles we welcome everyone to learn from where we have been, what we've done to overcome and how the world really looks from our perspective.
We believe by sharing  our stories we can help others to feel less alone, learn new coping skills, and to feel they belong to something bigger than just themselves. We also firmly believe each human has a story that can connect us through our tragedy, strengthen us through compassion for one another, and lift up those who need it.
We use our voice to help others use theirs. 

Interested in sharing your story? Check out the details on how to submit here and be sure to check out our ROCKSTARS!

Be safe, be kind, and be a little sassy-pants!