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our doublesolid ROCKSTARS

We are honored to announce our new favorite club, the doublesolid ROCKSTARS! 🤘
The doublesolid ROCKSTARS are individuals, like you and I, who have struggled, then found strength to get through and are now, with courage and hope, sharing their stories with you.
At the core, doublesolid believes by sharing stories of our struggles and our strengths, we can help others to feel less alone, learn new coping skills, and to feel they belong to something bigger than just themselves.
Please join me in full support of these amazing and courageous folks as they allow us to step into their very personal lives. Subjects will vary but the journey and the outcome are the same. We fall, we get back up, and we move on with a little more strength, a little more self-compassion, and a little more understanding of our struggles and who we are as people.
Let’s face it, we all fall down at times in our life. Some of us more often and some of us a lot harder. But, when we are finally able to get back up regardless of how far we’ve fallen, we prove to ourselves and to the world WE ARE ROCKSTARS.
Let us celebrate those who are willing to put it all out there for us to learn, to connect with, and share hope to all who may benefit from their experiences. Let’s celebrate and support them by learning their story.
Our doublesolid ROCKSTARS will be reaching out to help others who know the pain-see a way to get through, dust off, move forward and remain proud, strong, and self-compassionate. That’s definitely something to celebrate and something priceless to share.
Mental Illness does a number on us, and we feel one of its’ worst symptoms is feeling alone and detached from everyone and the world. Those of us that know that feeling, that headspace, well, we wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. Ever.
We also firmly believe, one hundred percent, each human has a story that can connect us through our tragedy, strengthen us through compassion for one another, and lift up those who need it.
We are using our voice to help others to use theirs. We’d love for you to be a part of this movement.
If you are interested in sharing your story & becoming a doublesolid ROCKSTAR, by all means email me directly michelle@rockitdoublesolid.
Importantly, these stories can be potential triggers for those who are navigating through their mental health. Please be aware each story contains sensitive information and do not ever put anything on yourself that you are not personally ready for. You do you and we'll be here when you're ready.
In addition please understand 100% we are not doctors, we are not therapists, and we are not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. All stories part of the doublesolid ROCKSTAR series are to express personal experiences only. If you are able to adopt coping skills from something you have read, wonderful, but please do not make any changes to your health without discussing it with your providers FIRST. 
Be safe, be good, and be a little sassy-pants 🤘