our ROAD CREW members

businesses in our communities who offer goods and services benefiting the mental health of their clients and customers.

As mental health warriors, we know the importance of coping skills. But sometimes they don't always come from the most obvious places. Our ROAD CREW is here to help us broaden our views of what can support us in keeping our mental (and physical) health balanced.

Check out our ROAD CREW; you never know what you'll find! 
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Allyssa Bedard, LMT

Allyssa Bedard, LMT Body Solace on Massage and Bodywork for PTSD

Byron Marks Manchester Music Mill

Byron Marks, Professional Musician on Music & Mental Health 


Meryl Sullivan, Elite Physical Therapy Merrimack NH

Meryl Sullivan, PT and Owner Elite Sports Rehab & Sports Therapy on the Physical and Mental Health Connection


Tina DeMember What is EFT for mental health?

Tina DeMember, EFT Practitioner & Health Coach on the practice and benefits of EFT for Mental Health.


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