A portion of ALL SALES donated to Mental Health Organizations

doublesolid FUNTIME

This design is bold and bright. It is not quiet, just as our depression and anxiety is not quiet. It screams in our minds at times and though no one can hear it but us, it is often deafening. Let this bold design get folks to ask you “Hey, what’s that all about” so you can get the conversation going about what it stands for, what it means to you and what it means to be doublesolid. 

The more we talk about our own mental health, the more others feel comfortable sharing with us and the better we can all feel; together. The more we verbalize our thoughts and feelings responsibly, the more we can help the rumination relax helping the racing thoughts to slow down. Talking about our mental health is brave, is healthy and is often freeing. We can hold real and honest conversations with one another and still be loud, still be fun and we can still have a “FUNTIME” doing so; just watch us! We got this!