Michelle Wheeler Owner Doublesolid Apparel

My name is Michelle Wheeler. I am the founder & CEO of Doublesolid Apparel. Pictured with me is my incredibly talented husband, Chad, our youngest son, Ryan, and our family pup, Bruno.

I live with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, and Conversion Disorder. I am a rape survivor, and a suicide attempt survivor. I have had multiple inpatient psychiatric stays and many dark days feeling alone, useless, and unworthy. 

I'm also a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a college graduate, a volunteer, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a marathoner, an Ironman, and now, a business owner.

As someone with Bipolar Disorder, having balance in my life is my number one priority. I look for the middle of the road in every situation I find myself in, from something as awful as ruminating self-doubt to everyday occurrences such as getting cut-off in traffic. I look for the middle: no extremes either way. Extremes get me in trouble, put me in scary situations, and open the door for unsettling experiences outwardly and internally. 

I don't like unsettling experiences! Who does?

Now, after years of telling my story and advocating/fundraising for mental health awareness, I learned that living a balanced life doesn't only help me and those who live with mental illness; it helps everyone. A balanced life lends a hand to mental health; living too far one way or the other causes stress and intolerance, opening the door for depression and anxiety to creep in and up, up, upbringing us down, down, down. 

So, here I am, bringing what has helped me over the years to Doublesolid in hopes to help others find balance and maintain their mental health in healthy, productive ways such as:

  • Talking about mental health openly and without judgment
  • Sharing our stories to empower & inspire one another
  • Reminding ourselves that we matter creatively by design
  • Realizing what matters, our voice, our mental health, how we feel, and what we have to say

Doublesolid is here to inspire and offer a platform to share our stories. Our designs empower us to be proud of who we are as we create a fun, welcoming community where we can all feel at home and seek balance together.

And we'll do so with much hope, a ton of color, and a whole lot of sass.

And remember, you don't have to struggle with mental illness to focus on your mental health!

From the bottom of my big heart on my little sleeve, thank you for being here.


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