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Who We Are & What We're About

Hi there!

My name is Michelle Wheeler. I am the creator and owner of doublesolid.

I have a mental illness. I live with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, and Conversion Disorder. I can tell you from experience, nothing about the mental struggle is fun. In fact, it sucks. But so many amazing things can come out of it if we don't give up. Even through the darkest of days (hell knows I've had many of them) we can push through and find that light once again. 

In late 2019, and at the age of 47 I decided it was time to explore going into business for myself. I had always felt I had a message to share but I had no clue where to start. As my husband has told me time and time again; start at the beginning. That is precisely what I did.

literally bought a white poster board and a sharpie and started writing down all of the things in life I loved. From my favorite ice cream to running to crocheting; I wrote down every little bit. 

After weeks of researching all sorts of interests and possibilities, I decided on this right here: doublesolid.

A lifelong battle with mental illness and two decades of mental health advocacy has proved telling my stories has helped others tell theirs; and I know how much it helps me when someone else "gets it". I wanted to bring the beauty of sharing stories to the forefront. I feel if we continue that trend, if we continue to share, the more we stand out and stand up, the more we show others they are not alone. The more we feel connected, the more powerful we become. 

I have since teamed up with my husband, Chad Wheeler, Best Friend and Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire. With his artistry and my often overly stimulated mind, we started to put everything in my head down on paper.

I am working to capture what has helped me navigate my own life in hopes to help another do the same; but I am doing this in big, bold, edgy designs because personal growth does not have to be boring: FACTS!

I feel if we can find our way out of deep depression, high anxiety, and the lot of em', we can shoot for the stars with all of the skills we develop along the way. Which is finally what landed me, right here, at doublesolid.

I hope when you look at doublesolid, you feel connected to others who understand, are compassionate, and have had similar experiences as you have; I want doublesolid to be a breath of fresh air for the gazillion of us affected directly and indirectly by mental illness.

I hope with everything I have that you'll look at doublesolid as one of the many success stories representing those of us who struggle while balancing life's demands with the way our brains work, and do, and do not, work. 

I hope with doublesolid others realize its' OK for folks like us and those who love us to celebrate what. makes us different. Mental illness does not define us, but it can inspire us to help others make the changes they may need in order to live a balanced life. Let's help one another. 

You will never hear me say any of this has been easy. I have had to do a ton of work to get out of my own way to even make it this far. And my struggle doesn't end there; living a full life despite mental illness takes a lifetime of learning new ways to cope and thrive despite our affliction. We must remain diligent and self-aware developing coping skills along the way.

Those of us who know the mental struggle, know one hundred percent that we are most often our own worst enemies; we critique ourselves in finer detail. We spend so much time doing what we think we need to that we lose sight of what we want. We say we don't have time for ourselves when really we aren't making time. In my case, I felt I didn't have anything worthwhile to share that others would connect to.

You are reading this, so I was absolutely wrong. I've never been so happy to be wrong before in my life!

All that said, if you are punishing yourself in your own head, for whatever reason, let's shed that shit together and show the world who we are. Let's show OURSELVES: rip the not-needed-stigma-patch off this place and show the world that mental illness isn't always a shit show. IN FACT, sometimes it's our direct line to what's best about life.

Wearing purple lipstick, a pink petticoat, and a Lil' Mo Big World Hi There! Tee is just how I feel like rockin' it today. Let your freak flag fly!

From the bottom of my big heart on my little sleeve, thank you for being here. 

Thank you for being here,


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