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DOUBLESOLID APPAREL is here to mainstream the mental health conversation.

One in five U.S. adults lives with mental illness. That means it probably touches you, someone you know, or someone in your family. Why aren’t we talking about this? Embarrassment, shame, stigma, superstition, and misinformation are getting in the way of a conversation we need to be having.

My name is Michelle Wheeler, and I founded DOUBLESOLID to clear away the shame and the superstition and all that other crap, so we can talk. As serious as this is, I believe we can still have fun with it. So DOUBLESOLID creates rockin’ designs for badass streetwear to help spark the conversation. Our motto is #GETLOUDAF About Mental Health.

Wearing DOUBLESOLID gear reminds you to think about mental health. What’s more, you’re decked out in fabulous & original designs that people will comment on. TA DA! The conversation starts. We consider those conversations to be every bit as important as the portion of our sales that we allocate to non-profit mental health organizations.

Our website serves as a storefront to sell our designs, but it’s much more than that. We have a grand plan to create a forum and a meeting place that provides resources, support, and connection for those who are touched (in any way!) by mental illness. We’ve already made a great start. Use the navigation menu in the upper left corner of this page to access personal stories, resources, our blog and more. 

Why would a clothing store concern itself with mental health? That’s on me. I live with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and some other captions that all do their best to keep me off balance. I know what it means to walk the DOUBLESOLID line. That’s why I want to tell you that You are not alone. We're here to walk the journey together and to empower everyone to talk about mental health — and to do it with style.

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