A portion of ALL SALES donated to Mental Health Organizations

Tattoo Fashion

There are a gazillion tattoos yet doublesolid feels each tattoo ever born has two things in common. Tattoos honor a person's individuality and though sometimes they're extremely painful, in the end each person has, to them, a beautiful work of art. 

Too many folks living with mental health issues keep their true selves hidden to avoid being stigmatized and discriminated against. This only worsens' someone's mental health and delays treatment and recovery. 

Doublesolid is committed to being a part of the solution of breaking down these barriers and mainstreaming mental health so we can all feel free to be ourselves and celebrate our individuality.

Like tattoos, there is often a positive (the cliche'd silver lining) that can show itself when overcoming mental health challenges. Through pain there can often be beauty.

This collection is to honor each and everyone of us; our entire person: our individuality and all of the beautiful things we have experienced through our pain whether it be learning more about who we are, developing honest relationships with other, or seeing the signs sooner to avoid facing the struggle again. Plus, let's face it, tattoo designs are pretty damn cool.