Do you spend a lot of time doing what you think you should do and not so much what you want to do?

So many of us tell ourselves we don't have time, can't find time, or can't make time to take care of ourselves.

But that way of thinking is so; 1980. We are ALIVE. So, let's act like it. Take that trip, stay in bed a little longer, adopt that puppy, and skip washing the floor to spend time with your kids, grandkids, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

Between you and me, the first round of this design was awful. I could not imagine how I could fix it, but then a friend gave me a sunflower and I was on my way.

I created this digital collage by using what I could "cut out", photos I have taken myself, some fun random journal-esque handwritten notes and the desire to make it pop! 

Find what self-care means for you. Learn what makes you feel ALIVE and work those things into your days. We aren't born without TIME. Instead, we take it from ourselves. Let's knock that off.

Instead  go do stuff that makes us feel passionate, empowered, and happy to be trying new things. Let's get out there to experience life while taking care of our health, getting in touch with how we really feel, and doing the things that make us remember who we are.

I hope you love the design and I hope you spend some quality time with yourself today and every day!

You do you, babe🤘

Michelle Mo Wheeler, Doublesolid Apparel

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