Wearable Art to Empower Everyone


We are more than a clothing store.

We are actively working to break the stigma of Mental Illness with wearable art through bold design and honest conversation. We are real people looking to connect to share our stories, mental health journeys, and resources with you. Take a look around, grab one of our original designs, learn about who we are, and above all else #LIVELIFELOUD and talk about Mental Health!


We share our experiences to raise awareness.

Our personal experiences with Mental Illness are firsthand. I am the afflicted, and my husband, the caretaker. Though we may not all have the same experiences, diagnoses, or lifestyles, we know the importance of balance and want you to know you are not alone.

Our products.

Each of our designs are our own and we are thrilled to share them with you. We design for all people and bring varied fits and styles so you can decide what is most comfortable for you. We aim to bring you Made in USA 🇺🇸 and Certified Organic 🌱 apparel and products. Look for these labels in our descriptions as we strive to be homegrown and eco-friendly!

Our community is life.

We are advocates for change. As a volunteer and Certified Advocate, we are directly involved with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Therefore, we are proud to donate a portion of all sales to their life-changing, life-saving services annually.

Doublesolid Apparel is committed to mental health for all. All of us. All shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyles and attitudes. If you'd like to walk the runway to represent Doublesolid's mission to #LIVELIFELOUD and get loud about mental health, follow the link to the model application. We'd love to meet you.

Our creative process.

Because we are more often than not creating, we create what feels right and immediately share it with you! We want you involved in the moment and the conversation. Sometimes we're creating digitally, sometimes painting, photography, poetry, all of it then finding a way to bring it to wearable life! Which means we alter our wardrobe often, so grab your faves when you fall in love!


Lil' Mo Big World is DOUBLESOLID's beloved mascot. She is lively, sassy, and she has a whole lotta' experience balancing her mental health. Her mission is to prove you can be all of these things and still find balance in your life. She likes to live in the "middle" (the Doublesolid!) and she wants to share her compassion, strength & experiences with you because she understands the importance of sharing our stories to help one another feel less alone.

Judgement has no place here.

Frankly, we're sick of the stigma keeping us and those who struggle from the respect and care we all deserve. We are positive people, but we have had enough fighting and seeing so many lose our lives to our illness. Whatever your color, shape, size, choices, and lifestyle, Mental Health is health. End stop.

Thank you for your support.

Since I was a preteen, my life has been heavily complicated by mental illness. Now, decades later, I have found a way to combine my experiences, the good and the bad, to bring hope to you for better days. I am honored to turn what I've been through into art while supporting mental health organizations that help folks like you and me.
As a female & disability-owned small business I take your support to heart. I am grateful for your visit. Thank you for being here.
Here's a collage of my people. They thank you, too.
ROCK ON with your bad self!
🤘 Michelle