A portion of ALL SALES donated to Mental Health Organizations

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We create fun, edgy wearable art to empower everyone to talk about mental health.


This specific collection is dedicated to our dear friend who lost her life to mental illness in 2020. She fought that battle like hell. And this is for her. A portion of every sale is donated in her name to NAMI NH.

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We have awesome, funky designs for everyone. Check out our catalog of badass apparel. And welcome to DOUBLESOLID, you belong here!

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Meet Nichole. Nichole's words will resonate with everyone who has faced insurmountable challenges mentally, physically and emotionally. Learn about Nichole's journey to and through her disease and how she is able to keep her mental health in check...and what it looks like when she can't. Nichole is a brave woman; and this month she is our featured ROCKSTAR!

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Lil' Mo Big World wearing her polka dots and flower in her hair | Lil' Mo Big World | Hi There T-Shirts | Just Watch Me Motivational T-Shirt | Mental Health Awareness | Tastefully Defiant | State of Mind Sports Apparel | State of Mind Sports Leggings

Lil' Mo Big World is doublesolid's cherished mascot. Despite her appearance she is quite lively, a little sassy and she has a whole lotta' experience balancing her mental health. She wants to share her compassion, strength & experiences with you because she understands the importance of sharing our stories to help one another. Click below to read her bio.

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